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Getting out of the Mind and into the Heart

December 07, 2020

The only constant is change.

Change is happening to us and all around us regardless whether we are aware of it or not.

It is our choice to remain unconscious and allow the change to happen, or to awaken and to take charge of the direction in which the change is going.


The choice is always there.

The consciousness may not be.

Think of it as project management: your life is your most important and fun project! You get to decide how you want it to evolve in each life category (or you can let your parents or the society decide that for you).

I’ve been unwilling to take responsibility for my life until the age of 32, allowing my parents and my ex-husband to brainwash me into what they thought was best for me.

They did it out of love! Except they couldn’t know what’s best for me.

Even I didn’t know what was best for me.

I was shut off my true self & my soul – for years. It took me a while before I could hear that subtle voice of intuition once again.

But I have learned to value my own opinion and myself. I have learned to put myself first. Tend to my own wellbeing before going out to help others.

I realized that the connection with my soul needs to be nurtured on a daily basis – and if I neglect it, I can quickly spiral back into the darkness of my mind.

When the mind and the Ego take control over the heart and the Soul, things can get rather dark and uncomfortable. The Ego wants to protect us and is acting out of fear. It wants to survive and it wants to fight for its survival. The Ego, when untamed, can become very capricious, demanding and self-absorbed: Ego-istic. It’s a mindset of scarcity and separation: “This is mine, I must have this before anyone else gets it”.

On the other hand, allowing the heart to take the lead opens us up to the energy of love, peace and joy to dominate our lives. It opens us up for a deeper connection with our Soul, other people’s hearts, the nature and the Universe. This is a consciousness of abundance: “The more I give – the more I receive; the Universe is ever-expanding”.

Girl making heart shape with her hands

Making this change is one of the best and most challenging things that happened to me.

It took time, a lot of self-discovery (often unpleasant), deep work, re-evaluating my whole life and my values.

I used to be angry, rebellious, “misunderstood”. I used to suppress my emotions and hide behind a thick armour of cynicism and insolence.

I used to escape my reality and avoid facing the truth by getting drunk in nightclubs on weekends or buying stuff I didn’t need.

I was playing a role that was carefully crafted for so many years – someone who is approved by my parents, friends and the society.

Since I made the change to live more from the heart than the mind, my life has been quite a rollercoaster of transformation. My circle of friends has changed. I got divorced. I moved a bunch of times across countries and continents. Even my parents are struggling to accept my real non-conforming self. And that’s ok.

It’s not an easy road but I feel that I am starting to take back charge of where my life is headed. I doubt self-mastery will ever be achieved but what a wonderful journey it has been and will continue to be!

Become the director of this awesome movie called LIFE.

You decide if it’s a drama, an action movie or a thriller.

Embrace the change.